About Me:

I graduated from UNC Greensboro with a Masters of Science in Nutrition and a post baccalaureate certificate in Dietetics. Prior to going back to school, I worked as a pharmaceutical representative for six years in Guilford and Rockingham counties and promoted pharmaceuticals for the treatment of type 2 diabetes, high cholesterol, and hypertension. My time talking to doctors and nurses about treating chronic diseases fueled a passion in me that had sparked earlier in life in my nutrition classes in undergrad at NC State. So I did what only made sense, I left a good job with a good company to go back to school to pursue a career in nutrition in hopes to make a different kind of impact on the health and wellbeing of people. 

I’m A Wife:

While I was still working as a pharmaceutical rep I met with a Nutritionist. I was confident that my husband’s and my diet was pretty healthy, but my insurance company offered six free sessions with a dietitian and I am a huge fan of free, so I figured why not? My dietitian did a great job of meeting me where I was at nutritionally and built upon that based on my new nutrition related goals. I was excited about the new things I was learning and I began realizing that while my diet was healthy in many ways, there indeed was opportunity for improvement. When I came home my husband braced himself as he took it all in. His eyes were glazed over and his head nodded slowly and then we got to the bottom line, that yes, he could still eat Oreos and bacon…and then all was right in our household.  I did most of our grocery shopping and cooking, so I lead the charge on the diet overhaul, it was primarily up to me… the one whose bottom line was not Oreos and bacon. My husband gave me free rein to make changes to our diet and was very supportive of me in my endeavor. Quite honestly, I found the new label reading and food pricing quite overwhelming and exhausting… like big time. But helping my husband and I lead healthy lives was important to me, so I attacked the mission much like I do when there is 20% off the sale section at Anthropologie…with tireless diligence. Since then I have realized that working towards a healthier diet doesn’t have to be overwhelming or exhausting, simple steps can be made that then become habit, that then become a lifestyle - which is where the name Simple Nutrition came from - Nutrition CAN be Simple.

I’m A Mother:

I am quite aware of the culinary adventure that raising a child can be. With my daughter, Lola, I would say she has taken me on more of a wild ride then on a journey at times. From obsessing if she was eating well or enough when she was a baby, to navigating the introduction of solids, to the bipolar food jags of the toddler years, she has kept it interesting. As moms, it means so much to us to provide for our children the best that we can. Which is the reason why it is concerning to us when the dinner that we put on the table just gets shoved around the plate or better yet, the plate gets flipped off the table and lands on the floor, the walls, the chair, the dog… lets face it, concerning is an understatement, feeding our kids can be down right infuriating at times. At the end of a long day of work inside or outside the home, I just want a fun, enjoyable, family meal where everyone smiles and is overjoyed with the culinary experience I have provided for them. So the aforementioned behaviors almost make me want to just serve gummys and tater tots (or whatever the food of the week is) every night in order to avoid them. As a nutritionist, I have learned that feeding my family doesn’t have to be complicated, a negotiation, or a battle (although I’m not going to lie, it still has its moments), and I love helping other moms know how to bring more joy back into meal time and decrease the stress that comes with feeding their children.

I’m A Daughter:

My mom takes pretty good care of herself. But as she has become more mature, she is not just wanting to look good and feel good, but also wants her labs to look good at physical time. Yep, labs from the doctor, its like the report card of our 40s and beyond. So my mom wants to learn about how she can get a good or better report card. My mom is a smart lady. And like mother like daughter, she attacks research for information (and sales of course) in the same way...with tireless diligence (I come by it honest). But I don't know if you've noticed lately, there are a lot of mixed messages about what to eat...and what not to eat. From books, to news stories, to magazine articles, to Dr. Oz, to blogs, to Pinterest posts, to that friend on Facebook that posts everything that they eat or drink... we are inundated with conflicting information about how we should eat..or shouldn't eat. You pretty much need an advanced degree in Nutrition (see what I did there) to navigate what is good information and what is not, and that doesn't even begin to address how you can make that information work in your life. So when faced with lab values from a physical that need to be improved, to weight that needs to be lost, to just wanting to feel good, stay healthy and keep up with the grandkids, figuring out how can be overwhelming, but with support and guidance it definitely doesn't have to be, it can even be Simple.

I'm a Woman of Faith:

I am a follower of Christ and it is because of my faith that I am a Nutritionist now. I pray for my abilities and I pray for my client's success. My faith is the only reason that I can be good at what I do and it is the reason why I have a blast doing it! 

Now that you know more about me, learn more about the nutrition education and counseling services that I provide.