National Diet Month is upon us… but diets are supposed to be out right? Day one of January and already like fans at a football stadium yelling a team name back and forth “Wolf” and then “Pack” and then “Wolf!!” and then “Pack!!” (I went to NC State btw). I hear “Diet” and then “Don’t Diet” and then “Diet!” and then “Don’t Diet!!” yelled back and forth across the social media field. Maybe you are someone that has had many previous New Year’s resolutions that were related to weight loss and fitness. In year’s past the excitement of a new beginning was palpable once the confetti settled - the promise of a new, fitter, thinner, healthier version of yourself. But maybe now you are someone that is beginning to question all the hype around weight loss resolutions. But if you don’t diet, then what?

The answer is lots of awesome stuff with nutrition and exercise that is far less distracting and harmful and is more sustainable than focusing on weight loss, but here are four to get you started for 2018.

When Is It Ok To Comment On Someone’s Weight?

In order to illustrate the point that I am about to make, I feel that a quiz is necessary. A straight-up Seventeen Magazine style quiz (psst, fellow teens of the 90’s, is that magazine even still out there anymore)?

In which of the following scenerios is it ok to comment on someone’s weight? For simplicity sake, I’m going to choose “she” for these examples. Check all that apply:

A)   When your friend or coworker that has been on a diet to lose weight and it looks like she has gone down a couple of sizes as in “Wow! You have lost some weight, you look fantastic!”

B)   When someone is very thin as in “Well you are so skinny, you can afford to eat that.”

C)   When someone is pregnant as in “Wow, you are really out there, when are you due?”

D)   When someone looks to be very fit as in “You look like you are in great shape, you must work out!”

E)    When someone that is fat says “I like that store, but I’m too large to shop there” and you try to make them feel better as in “nooooo, you aren’t large” or “you are not fat.”

F)    Never

I know, tricky right? What if instead of “check all that apply” I said “choose one.” It’s a game changer isn’t it? Now we all know that the answer is probably F) Never.

And that’s right my friend, it is. I hope you used a number 2 pencil…

Baked Chicken Wings Recipe & Other Good Super Bowl Foods

Is anyone else glad it’s Friday? I feel like I am barely crossing the finish line on this week.

Being that it is The Big Game this weekend, I think that it makes sense for me to share a few recipes that I plan on having for the Super Bowl. One of which is a recipe for baked chicken wings. Let me just state for the record that chicken wings are not a health food – their sole purpose for existence is to just eat them for enjoyment - and therefore unless you are just eating the heck out of some chicken wings on the regular, I don’t believe that any attempt should be made to make them healthier.

I am saying all this to tell you two things: 1) that it is some foods’ sole purpose in life to just taste good and be enjoyed and that is ok and that 2)  I am not baking these chicken wings instead of frying them in any attempt to make them healthier. So if you fry yours and you are happy with what you do, keep on keepn’ on.

To My Fellow Moms, Don’t Make the Same Mistake That I Made

I did something in front of my daughter that I thought I never would and I hope that I never will again.

It happened about six months ago, I was stunned in the moment by my own behavior, and the moment has stayed with me and has shaped me.

There we were in her bathroom together, at this time we were in the thick of potty training and we were heavy into a phase where she would stay on the toilet with a book for a very long time.

When I say a long time, I mean the book of choice was The Jesus Storybook Bible and we could have easily covered from the birth to the resurrection every time she went to the bathroom.

So there we were, Lola “reading” me the gospel, and me standing in front of the mirror waiting it out. First checking out my hair, then my pores, then some blemishes, then my teeth, then without a second thought, I turned around and started inspecting my less than satisfactory rear-end.

Chopped Thai Salad - My Most Favorite Salad of All

Salads are something that I really like to eat... when someone else makes them.

When I am whipping up a salad at home to have with dinner or lunch, it is often a pitiful example of a salad, a mere suggestion of what a salad should be really. It is sometimes made of some mixed greens or romaine, with some tomatoes and if I'm feeling feisty, a few sliced cucumbers or bell pepper. But if I'm being honest, it is usually just mixed greens, no toppings.

I know, they should take my nutritionist card away.

This is all with the exception of a few salads that are more involved that I absolutely LOVE. I usually make these salads on a Sunday or Monday and eat them throughout the week at lunch when I am working.

I have never been a fan of New Year's Resolutions, but there is something about taking an end of the year time out from the usual busyness of life combined with a fresh year before me that makes me think of things that I would like to do better and how to accomplish them. Things like decluttering and organizing, keeping the house cleaner, flossing my teeth more. 

I know, that last one is riveting.

I don't know, maybe that actually is making a New Year's Resolution. It doesn't feel that way to me though.

I guess that is because when I think of the New Year's Resolution concept, I think of big changes, big goals. It can be exciting, exhilarating even, a new transformation to look forward to (on second thought, maybe flossing more actually does qualify for a New Year's Resolution).