Healthy Snack for On The Go!

When I get hungry, things can get ugly. And what I mean by ugly is that I get pretty cranky and difficult to be around. Never does my sweet husband look more panicked or scared then when I innocently utter the words "I'm hungry." For example if we are in the car, his posture immediately changes, he sits up straighter, leans forward and grips the steering wheel tighter and asks… "is this like we need to pull over now hungry?"

The hungry version of me strikes fear into man.

The apple didn't fall too far from the tree on this one either. It is for this reason that our family stashes snacks everywhere. It is for this reason, that my husband looks like he is taking enough food to hike the Appalachian trail to go to the Greensboro Science Center with wife and daughter.

For some, the term 'snacking' brings a negative connotation, but healthy snacks help us fuel our body throughout the day to give us more energy. If we are hungry, our body is telling us we need food, we should eat. Eating a snack when we are hungry in between meals can help us keep from overeating at our next meal. Snacks are also an opportunity to take in more valuable vitamins, minerals and fiber that our body needs. Healthy snacks are important and I believe that they are something that take planning. You don't generally accidentally have a healthy snack on hand, you have to think about things you like, stock your pantry or fridge with them, and take them with you when you leave the home. 

One snack that has stood the test of time our in our families snack repertoire is the Larabar.

I know that the shelves are stocked with all kinds of 'bars', let me explain why Larabar is really separate from your average bar. Look at the ingredient list on the side of the package.

That's right, 3 ingredients. This is just food, dates and peanuts, smushed together. Here is the Cashew Cookie one…sorry its already open but we are running low on Larabars around here, keeping it real people.

If you look at the ingredient list of some popular bars, the list can be extensive and difficult to pronounce and often have added sugars… they might be organic added sugar, but added sugar none the less.

So Larabars rank among the most substantial of our families snacks, sometimes just even half a bar will do. They are a really good combination of carbohydrate, protein and fiber, things I look for in a snack to know that it is providing me with energy and that energy is longer lasting due to the protein and fiber. It is also one of the more pricey snack options we have, averaging around a $1 per bar, but we buy ours from Costco in a variety pack which decreases the price (they can also be found at Target too!). Most importantly though, you are getting nutritional bang for your buck, and a $1 or less is certainly less expensive then most options from a gas station or drive through.

We stash these in every purse, backpack, and glove compartment so that we have a healthy snack on hand if we need it when we are on the go.

So is Larabar the only simple and healthy bar out there? Probably not, but we found one that works for us so I have no need to look further. Are bars the only portable healthy snack option? Absolutely not! The important part is to choose something that is healthy that you like and be intentional about having it nearby….so you don't get hungry and things don't get ugly.

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