Thanksgiving Killjoys

My Mother In-Law let me know that on one of the big morning talk shows this morning (the day of Thanksgiving mind you-after everyone has already planned their meals and purchased their groceries, maybe even prepared the food) someone, I believe in this case it happened to be a personal trainer, was talking about what we shouldn’t eat on Thanksgiving.



I really hope that everyone that was watching just shut the TV off as soon as that person started talking. But I know that everyone didn’t. In fact, in some weird way, it fascinates us. I would like to state for the record that I am so over the mixed messages about food around the holidays. The same shows that want to give us the recipes for some delicious, delectable foods also wants to tell us the next week to feel bad about even being in the same room with them as if contact with the food will make you fatter.

Also let me just say for the record that there is not one meal that is going to make anyone gain 5lbs or get heart disease or diabetes from it, so everyone needs to back off and stop trying to make people feel guilty for eating it because I for one believe that that is actually the real health problem. Guilt and shame and feeling that we have “messed up” our eating is the real reason why many go for broke the entire holiday season because “we can always start over” in the New Year. And according to someone on the morning show this morning, we have already messed up big time, so why not just live it up now while we can and treat every opportunity to eat fun foods as one of the last until January 1st when “we can try to be good again”… thus trapping us in an unsustainable feast or famine diet cycle instead of having healthy attitudes toward food and finding balance in our eating?

So this nutritionist is saying that whatever you ate today (or are eating for the second or third time right now while reading this) don’t feel guilty or bad about it. There is nothing to feel guilty or bad about. You have done nothing to yourself that is harmful by eating special holiday foods that you love and for sharing in them with your families. The only crime is that of someone that steals your joy.

Stupid Killjoys.

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