The Best Ice Cream Ever

It's warming up outside, well at least it is here in the south… sorry north… and I feel like everyone has a little more pep in their step. The daffodils are blooming, I smell grill smoke in the air, everyone is out walking and jogging, and I want ice cream.

That's right, ice cream.

Warm weather = ice cream. We all know it.

And to make life even better, Earthfare put my favorite ice cream on sale and Lola and I enjoyed a bowl tonight and it prompted me to share it with you all. I would almost consider this a public service announcement, because this information that I'm about to share with you is life changing.

 Graeter's ice cream is life changing. 

I grew up in Cincinnati, Ohio. There was an ice cream parlor that my family went to, it was complete with white wrought iron chairs with heart shaped backs to them. The ice cream had chocolate chips in it as large as my head and that made the ice cream great to me. Little did I know until I moved to North Carolina at age 17, that I had grown up with the best ice cream ev-er. Yep, that parlor was called Graeter's. Fast forward about 15 years (15 stark years that did not include Graeter's ice cream), I ran into another Cincinnati transplant (just so you know, us Cincinnati transplants all talk about the same thing when we see one another, Skyline Chilli - which I know nothing of - and Graeter's ice cream) and they told me that they had bought Graeter's ice cream from Fresh Market. This was the best news of my life since I was about 5 months pregnant and craving ice cream.

Graeter's ice cream is high quality ice cream made with real, simple, ingredients. To this day it is still made in 2 1/2 gallon batches in french pots that keep as much air as possible out, yielding the most creamy and delicious ice cream you will ever put in your mouth. See, other than ingredients, that is what sets higher quality ice cream apart, less air. Lower quality ice cream has more air whipped into it, making more volume ice cream that costs less, because  at least currently, air is mostly free.

I say all this not to shun other ice creams… well mostly not… but to tell you how fabulous Graeter's is. I have been thrilled to find that many of the chocolate chips in the pint are still as large as I remember them to be and they are still the most amazing tastes of buttery chocolate ever. And I am emphatic when I say, you must, MUST, try the mocha chocolate chip and black raspberry chip flavors. Two flavors that you won't catch me eating ever at any other ice cream shop, but Graeter's has made AMAZING.

So, all that being said, you will need to take out an equity line of credit on your mortgage to buy a pint. Just being honest, all those quality ingredients and small batch making doesn't equal low cost. That being said, per serving, it doesn't cost anymore than going out and for an ice cream at any of the ice cream or FroYo stores around here, so instead of going out for ice cream one night, buy a pint or two of Graeter's and have an amazing ice cream culinary experience at home. OR just stock up while Earthfare has it on sale. 

Do it. It's this good: