All in Wine

A Delicious Bordeaux

I am a bit ashamed to admit that up until a couple of months ago, I have never ventured into Maria's in Greensboro. But there was a need, a need for quiche, and word on the street was that Maria's makes a rockin' quiche. I actually really like to make quiche (or egg pie as Jeff calls it) we will eat it for breakfast, lunch or dinner. But this was for a brunch at a busy time when I could Not. Do. Another. Thing. So there was not going to be any whipping up of a quiche for brunch. Boy was I glad that I made the visit, both for the store AND for some of the best quiche I have had in my life.

When I stopped in, I also grabbed a bottle of this red Bordeaux.

After doing a little post Christmas returning/exchanging at Friendly Center mall, my family made a quick stop at the nearby Whole Foods to grab a couple of last minute things for this outstanding black bean soup recipe that I will tell you more about on Friday. Post Christmas returns/exchanges took much longer than anticipated, so lucky for us, Whole Foods saved Jeff and I from a hungry toddler meltdown with some samples. As a side note, nothing delights my child more than a food sample. I really do think that I could present to her the options of going to Disney World or going to Costco on a Saturday when the samples abound and she would undoubtedly choose Costco. Perhaps I should begin serving her meals at home on a doily-adorned tray with toothpicks standing up from each food nibble as a means to encourage her to try more foods.