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National Diet Month is upon us… but diets are supposed to be out right? Day one of January and already like fans at a football stadium yelling a team name back and forth “Wolf” and then “Pack” and then “Wolf!!” and then “Pack!!” (I went to NC State btw). I hear “Diet” and then “Don’t Diet” and then “Diet!” and then “Don’t Diet!!” yelled back and forth across the social media field. Maybe you are someone that has had many previous New Year’s resolutions that were related to weight loss and fitness. In year’s past the excitement of a new beginning was palpable once the confetti settled - the promise of a new, fitter, thinner, healthier version of yourself. But maybe now you are someone that is beginning to question all the hype around weight loss resolutions. But if you don’t diet, then what?

The answer is lots of awesome stuff with nutrition and exercise that is far less distracting and harmful and is more sustainable than focusing on weight loss, but here are four to get you started for 2018.

When Is It Ok To Comment On Someone’s Weight?

In order to illustrate the point that I am about to make, I feel that a quiz is necessary. A straight-up Seventeen Magazine style quiz (psst, fellow teens of the 90’s, is that magazine even still out there anymore)?

In which of the following scenerios is it ok to comment on someone’s weight? For simplicity sake, I’m going to choose “she” for these examples. Check all that apply:

A)   When your friend or coworker that has been on a diet to lose weight and it looks like she has gone down a couple of sizes as in “Wow! You have lost some weight, you look fantastic!”

B)   When someone is very thin as in “Well you are so skinny, you can afford to eat that.”

C)   When someone is pregnant as in “Wow, you are really out there, when are you due?”

D)   When someone looks to be very fit as in “You look like you are in great shape, you must work out!”

E)    When someone that is fat says “I like that store, but I’m too large to shop there” and you try to make them feel better as in “nooooo, you aren’t large” or “you are not fat.”

F)    Never

I know, tricky right? What if instead of “check all that apply” I said “choose one.” It’s a game changer isn’t it? Now we all know that the answer is probably F) Never.

And that’s right my friend, it is. I hope you used a number 2 pencil…