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Chopped Thai Salad - My Most Favorite Salad of All

Salads are something that I really like to eat... when someone else makes them.

When I am whipping up a salad at home to have with dinner or lunch, it is often a pitiful example of a salad, a mere suggestion of what a salad should be really. It is sometimes made of some mixed greens or romaine, with some tomatoes and if I'm feeling feisty, a few sliced cucumbers or bell pepper. But if I'm being honest, it is usually just mixed greens, no toppings.

I know, they should take my nutritionist card away.

This is all with the exception of a few salads that are more involved that I absolutely LOVE. I usually make these salads on a Sunday or Monday and eat them throughout the week at lunch when I am working.

White Bean Chicken Chili

So I don't know about anyone else in the Greensboro area, but the big snow storm was a bit underwhelming. All of the build up and anticipation, all the milk and bread buying, all of the news watching....and I can still see grass.

I do love it though when we have a snow event, even though it is usually fraught with unjustified chaos. It is fun and exciting and I gladly participate in the some extent anyway.

One of my favorite things to do when we are going to get "snowed in" is to make a big pot of white bean chili. It is one of Jeff's favorite things for me to do also, I think he would rank this recipe in his top 5 all time favorites of things I make. You know how you have some recipes that you have made enough that they just become part of you? You don't need a recipe, you may even make it kind of different every time because you don't measure. This is one of those recipes for me. So when I made it last night, I made sure you take note of some measurements so that I could share it with you all today.

Quick & Healthy Breakfasts Part 4 - Ready to Go Oatmeal


Numerous obstacles continued to present themselves that prevented me from attempting this recipe, and I kid you not, when I finally was able to try to put it together correctly, I got on the phone with my mom and still did it incorrectly. 

Do you think I should stop talking on the phone when I am trying to make a new recipe? Perhaps.

Fortunately I was able to correct the problem which involved oh so carefully picking up the silicone muffin cups and dumping the batter back into the bowl so that I could add more oats… I had thought that they looked a little soupy as I was pouring them out into the cups… but of course it didn't occur to me why until I filled the very. last. one.

Quick & Healthy Breakfasts Part 3 - The Egg Muffin

The main star of this quick and healthy breakfast is the egg. Even though it is called an egg muffin, it only refers to its shape, there is no bread in it.

I like the egg. Those of us that remember all of the excitement around the egg in the 90's might have a bit of a stigma about them. Are they ok to eat? Is it ok to eat the yolks? Will they raise my cholesterol? The answers are yes, yes, and probably not. Egg yolk does have cholesterol in it. What we have found out is that dietary cholesterol intake doesn't necessarily correlate with blood cholesterol levels. Egg yolk also has saturated fat in it, and saturated fat is fine in moderation, but some types may contribute to your cholesterol levels if not consumed in moderation - so it depends on the rest of your diet. 

When I get hungry, things can get ugly. And what I mean by ugly is that I get pretty cranky and difficult to be around. Never does my sweet husband look more panicked or scared then when I innocently utter the words "I'm hungry." For example if we are in the car, his posture immediately changes, he sits up straighter, leans forward and grips the steering wheel tighter and asks… "is this like we need to pull over now hungry?"