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Quick & Healthy Breakfasts Part 3 - The Egg Muffin

The main star of this quick and healthy breakfast is the egg. Even though it is called an egg muffin, it only refers to its shape, there is no bread in it.

I like the egg. Those of us that remember all of the excitement around the egg in the 90's might have a bit of a stigma about them. Are they ok to eat? Is it ok to eat the yolks? Will they raise my cholesterol? The answers are yes, yes, and probably not. Egg yolk does have cholesterol in it. What we have found out is that dietary cholesterol intake doesn't necessarily correlate with blood cholesterol levels. Egg yolk also has saturated fat in it, and saturated fat is fine in moderation, but some types may contribute to your cholesterol levels if not consumed in moderation - so it depends on the rest of your diet. 

Quick & Healthy Breakfasts Part 2 - Whole Wheat & Oatmeal Pancake Mix

So this quick and healthy breakfast is a total copy of this recipe, I have hardly modified it, it is perfection as it is. But it would be a crime not to share this with you all. This recipe is a total staple to our household breakfasts, it is in the regular rotation, and if it were up to my daughter Lola, we would eat them everyday. 

Let me tell you what, nothing makes me feel more like Mother Of The Year then serving up warm, fresh pancakes (healthy pancakes mind you) on a WEEKDAY morning. And this whole wheat oatmeal pancake mix recipe makes it possible.

Quick & Healthy Breakfasts Part One - The Smoothie

Per the request of one of my very best friends (and I mean very best friends, the kind of friend that lived with me in college… she knows the not so best versions of me and loves me still, she's that kinda friend) I am doing a series on quick and healthy breakfasts. Some of these have been go-tos in our house for sometime and some I am trying out because I have always wanted to and this gives me a good excuse.