Welcome to Simple Nutrition!


Eating has become complicated.

Conflicting information about what to eat, what not to eat, and when to eat has made eating confusing. Combine that with messages we receive about our weight and what is "healthy" and what our bodies should look like and we can end up pretty preoccupied with food and our bodies. As a result, we diet, detox, cleanse and clean eat, often to only find ourselves back in the same place months and years down the road, still trying to figure it out.

If you have been around the block with diets and you are interested in really learning how to care for yourself or if you are just tired of constantly thinking about when and what you should eat, then I may be what you are looking for.

I'm Megan Hadley, I'm a registered dietitian nutritionist, and I provide nutrition therapy that helps you listen to your body, learn to nourish it well and helps you enjoy food in a way that maybe you haven't experienced before.

Nutrition CAN be Simple. You can be healthy, feel good, and enjoy food all at the same time, and I can help.