Our Nutrition Philosophy


Nutrition Philosophy

We believe that all bodies are good bodies and that from cake to kale, all foods are good foods. Nutrition should be individualized and one's nutrition needs may change from day to day, so one -size fits all nutrition recommendations are not helpful. We believe in empowering our clients to eat and care for themselves in a way that makes them feel good, improves their health, and helps them to enjoy eating... all at the same time.  

At Simple Nutrition, nutrition therapy is a partnership. We may be experts in nutrition therapy, but you are the expert of you-it is only when the two experts work together to make decisions that we can get the best nutrition outcomes. 

Whether you have an eating disorder, a history of dieting, or want some nutrition guidance that helps make sense of all of the food information that is out there, we will provide you with compassionate and non-judgemental nutrition therapy using a non-diet, Health At Every Size® approach. Want to know more about non-diet or Health At Every Size? Check out our FAQ page.