For years I’ve considered food as good and bad and judged myself accordingly. Having been to nutritionists since I was a small child I couldn’t escape the negative thinking: the feedback from well-meaning and not so well-meaning people flooded my mind and became my internal message. I am so thankful that Megan has allowed me to see nutrition through a different lens. I feel free of the old way of thinking and alive and appreciative of the freedom I’ve found in food. I can enjoy all foods and nothing is off limits! Thank you Megan for helping me to restructure my distorted thoughts and replace them with acceptance of who I am regardless of how I look.
— Anonymous

Happy Clients


Laura is the best at what she does. She helped me focus on eating well instead of insisting that I look a certain way or weigh a certain amount. Laura always gives encouragement and positive vibes to keep patients going and feel a sense of accomplishment. Laura is the G.O.A.T.

— Anonymous

I HATED Dieticians! Until I worked with Megan... I struggled with an eating disorder for multiple years and hopped in and out of treatment centers in 2015-2016. At every treatment center I went to, I was never a fan of the Dietician and always dreaded meeting with them. Everything about Dieticians irritated me, all they talked about was food and all I ever thought about was how I could avoid food; the two opposite thoughts did not mix well for me. When I was released from the last hopsital, my therapist recommended me to see Megan. I reluctantly made an appointment with Megan because I knew that I was not going to like her and that I was going to waste my time. I’m so glad I made that appointment; when I first met her she gave me this big smile and it made me feel comfortable around her. I stayed reluctant for the first couple of appointments because I refused to allow myself to like a Dietician; It’s hard not to like Megan, she’s friendly, considerate, and full of life. I’ve been working with Megan for over a year now and I can confidently say that she is the best Dietician I will ever have. To this day I tell her how it’s so crazy to me how she managed to get me to like her. I highly recommend working with Megan; if she can help me, she can help anybody. I’m blessed to be working with her.

— Cody

I cannot express enough how thankful I am to have Laura treating my daughter. She knows how to connect to my daughter and her issues. I can say beyond a doubt that my daughter's success is largely due to Laura's professional knowledge and her ability to get my daughter to want to be healthy. AS a mom, I totally trust that she is going to provide the best care for us. Thank you Laura.

— Anonymous

I can't say enough about Megan. I'm 35 years old and have struggled with my food, weight, and body image for years. Megan has helped me experience freedom with food, my weight and body image. I am so grateful for her and the work she does. Her work has been instrumental in creating true change that allows me to have freedom with food and I no longer feel as if I am in a daily battle.

— Amy


Working with Megan has changed my perspective towards food and my body. Through her practice I have found peace with food and also my weight. I no longer care about losing weight and calories as that does not bring me happiness. I never thought I would be happy and comfortable in my skin until I worked with Megan through my many phases of recovery. Megan is a sweet, caring and honest dietitian that only wants to help you live a life of freedom from food. Without Megan's practice I would still be stuck in that endless cycle which made me miserable. With the right nutrition that Megan provided me, I was able to combat binge eating which took over a majority of my life. Anyways, Megan has changed my life... and I couldn't be more thankful. 

— Hannah

Laura is a very professional one of a kind nutritionist. My experience with her over the past few years have been absolutely wonderful. Recovery from an eating disorder is not easy but she has incorporated her skills to not only help me learn about nutrition and better myself, but has also took the time to make sure that my mom understood what I was going through as well, which made the whole process much easier. The motivation and positivity she brings always makes me look forward to my future appointments with her.

— Vanessa

Megan is a joy to work with. She mets me where I am in my journey of making peace with food and body image. I feel heard, understood, and safe in our sessions. It is a privilege and a blessing to work with Megan Hadley!

— Annie

Working with Laura has been incredible. She's the freaking best. She's always helping in any way she can and encouraging, motivating me every meeting. Where I'm at couldn't have been done without her and I'm so grateful!

— Anonymous

Megan Hadley at Simple Nutrition Counseling has been a huge blessing to me. I take immense comfort in meeting with her every week and have no problem opening up to her. She asks a lot of impactful questions, as well as provides really valuable and helpful information. I wouldn't be where I am today without Megan's nutrition guidance and emotional support. 

— Anonymous